Majority Of Marketers Experimenting With Ai, Claims New Survey

Majority of Marketers Experimenting with AI, Claims New Survey

According to a benchmark survey conducted by The Conference Board in partnership with Ragan Communications, nearly nine out of ten marketers (87%) and communications professionals (85%) have used or experimented with artificial intelligence (AI) tools for at least one application.

Summarizing content and generating ideas, personalizing content for users and customers, conducting research, producing content more quickly, and enhancing customer service are the top applications of AI for marketers. However, slightly more than four in ten anticipate that AI will boost productivity and creativity, while three in ten anticipate a decline.

Additionally, 22% of respondents anticipate negative effects on team culture, and 40% of respondents think AI will lead to a decline in job availability, illustrating marketers’ conflicted feelings about the emerging technology.

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