LivePerson Removes Friction Between Brands and Customers With AI-Powered, Consumer-Centered Bot Scoring Method

LivePerson Removes Friction Between Brands and Customers With AI-Powered_ Consumer- Centered Bot Scoring Method-01

The launch of LivePerson’s unique Meaningful Automated Conversation Score (MACS), the only way to measure bot conversations from the customer’s perspective, was recently announced by LivePerson, Inc., a global pioneer in conversational AI.

MACS is the world’s first measurement of how much friction customers face in automated dialogues, and it’s powered by cutting-edge machine learning. MACS analyses every step of a conversation, offering a level of granularity and precision that aids organizations in transitioning to and improving automated sales, marketing, and customer service by making it easier to see how well bots are assisting with requests, questions, difficulties, and purchases.

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