Kaspersky Announces Early Access to Reimagined Consumer Product Portfolio


Kaspersky has announced the beginning of early access to its portfolio of new, more straightforward consumer solutions, which are available via subscription. The reinvented product line adds an improved user interface and experience across multiple platforms along with a new assortment of brand names.

Additionally, it introduces a range of features that cover every aspect of modern consumer protection, including identity, performance, privacy, and security. Later this year, the portfolio will start its global rollout after an initial launch in four markets. In 2021, Kaspersky detection systems found an extra 20,000 malicious files each day compared to 2020, for a daily average of 380,000 new malicious files.

The company claims they reimagined the consumer protection beyond antivirus and outlined its new vision for the coming years in order to address these evolving challenges and needs.

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