More than half of B2B organizations spend over 20% of their marketing budgets on events and average event sponsorship costs over $20,000. For 68% of B2B marketers, events are all about lead generation. However, generating leads isn’t enough to drive real returns on your investments. Though intent data is associated with AMB, the benefits are around total active demand, engaging with in-market target accounts, and enabling sales to close deals.

Indent data can be leveraged before the event, in the planning stages to better understand the most valuable target attendees, who are more likely to become customers later. During the event, Intent data can be used to have more personalized conversations with attendees, making it easier to engage potential buyers while the event is actually in progress. Post- Event also intent data provides insights about attendees that helps personalize email follow-ups according to specific stages of the buyer’s journey.

As common as event marketing is, insufficient data can create a serious risk of wasted budget money. Intent data fills in the gaps for any event marketer to understand the best ways to meet key goals without as much risk.

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