HUCKLE Platform Update Enhances Targeted Marketing Capabilities

HUCKLE Platform Update Enhances Targeted Marketing Capabilities

Futurety LLC has released a significant update to its consumer identity platform, HUCKLE. The update allows businesses to use first-party data to create targeted campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Mailchimp.

The update provides over 300 data points on customers. This includes demographics like age, gender, income, home ownership, hobbies and interests, and new data points, such as media usage, occupation, language spoken, and DEI-related metrics.

Customers can also be grouped into Home, Auto, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Outdoor, Art, Travel & Culture, Family & Food, and Money.

The update includes the ability to create highly targeted ads and emails based on customer insights. This ensures increased engagement and conversions.

HUCKLE prioritizes data security and removes reliance on third-party cookies to comply with evolving privacy regulations.

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