Google Launches Latest Android 11, Flaunting New Messaging Tools with Advanced Business Features

Google Launches Latest Android 11_ Flaunting New Messaging Tools with Advanced Business

Google has recently announced the launch of its latest update to the Android operating system, which incorporates a new focus on messaging, with advanced privacy features and a novel call ID system to enhance response to business outreach.

Firstly, on messaging – with more people depending on messaging to stay connected, Google has added some latest updates to the Android OS to make it easier to stay connected while performing different tasks.

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Now, conversations across all the different messaging apps will be displayed in a dedicated space within the notifications section, streamlining all interactions.

In addition to this, Google’s also added innovative ‘Bubbles’ system which allows users to seamlessly switch to messaging as they use different apps by keeping the messaging ‘bubble’ readily available at the side of the screen while using the device.

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