Fuze Introduces Its Contact Center-as -a-Service Solution

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Fuze Introduces Its Contact Center-as -a-Service Solution

Fuze, A cloud-based communications provider, Fuze, has recently introduced its integrated CCaaS, i.e., contact center as a service solution. It is embedded in the Fuze UCaaS, unified communications as a service platform. The new update will provide enterprise contact centers with an overall view of their organizations and insights into contact center performance.

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Fuze expects this will help companies boost productivity and the capability to provide support. Simply put, the unified platform and comprehensive user interface offer communication and support for optimized contact center interactions. Besides, the company also provides mobile functionality for agents, with services that include remote access and connectivity for customer support.

Source: https://www.martechadvisor.com/news/customer-experience-2/fuze-improves-customer-experience-integrates-its-ccaas-solution-with-unified-communications-as-a-service/

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