Funnel Focuses On Automating Data Collection For Marketers

automating data collection

Swedish startup Funnel has raised $47 million to help marketers automate their data collection. The raise is evident as the digital ad spending in the U.S. exceeds that of traditional “offline” channels. The major technology platforms are battling for companies’ marketing dollars. 

Funnel is connected with more than 500 data sources, from Mailchimp and LinkedIn to Salesforce and Shopify. It automatically cleans, maps, groups, and integrates data before feeding it into a destination of the user’s choice. Being compatible with all ranging from Tableau to Looker, Microsoft Power BI, or Qlik, it works on structuring the data and sorting it for analysis and reports.

Funnel is setting out to create what is known as a “single source of truth” for sales, marketing, and commerce data. This has already garnered some big-name clients over the past seven years, including Samsung, Scandinavian Airlines, Trivago, and Coinbase.