Personalizing nonprofit’s communication plan does not have to be overwhelming, costly or resource-intensive. Leaders of non-profit find it challenging to use marketing tools or services that are fundamentally designed for for-profit marketing or that is based on legacy fundraising practices. This has resulted in mass marketing efforts that making donors feel like “sales opportunities” rather than crucial stakeholders to the cause.

Nearly three-quarters of people give a single gift never give again, that is where personalization through marketing automation comes in. Personalization allows every donor to feel as though the organization is talking directly to them. Great personalization provides every donor with the right message at the right time based on their individual passions, capacity, and relationship to your organization. Personalization, in this way, creates extreme loyalty.

Implementing marketing automation technology that is designed specifically to help nonprofits automate communication and create personalized experiences for donors.

Donor engagement system designed for nonprofits makes it easier to gather data. By automating these donor journeys using the software, engagement can increase dramatically, without increasing demands on the staff.

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