DoubleVerify Encourages Media Authentication on Meta for Brand Safety and Suitability


DoubleVerify has expanded its brand safety and suitability coverage on Meta to include measurement of Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels.

This will allow advertisers globally to independently authenticate campaign quality and protect their brand equity within these user-generated media environments.

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The expansion of DV’s AI-powered classification technology to Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels highlights the company’s commitment to providing brands with safe and suitable ad environments across all digital channels.

By bringing DV’s brand safety and suitability solution to Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels, DV also provides a wide measurement for media buys on Meta across multiple devices, placements, and formats.

DV’s AI-powered classification technology is based on vital content policies and is trained on vast data signals. These components ensure a balance between protection and scale.

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