Digilant teams up with Microsoft to Expand Digital Media Access for Advertisers


Digilant, a digital media solutions provider for mid-market advertisers, revealed that it has partnered with Microsoft. Digilant has integrated its proprietary DSP, Invest, and its deal curation platform, Curate, into Microsoft’s tech stack as part of this collaboration. The collaboration will enable Digilant’s clients to access premium advertising inventory and advanced audience targeting solutions easily.

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Microsoft’s premium inventory and first-party data will enable Digilant to reach audiences on Microsoft’s owned and operated publications and platforms, as well as over 1500 premium publishers.

Digilant will now be able to reach audiences on Netflix, thanks to Microsoft’s exclusive access to connected TV inventory. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to provide diverse organizations with access to the world’s most premium advertising marketplace to help them reach a wider audience.

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