Dentsu Launches Dentsu VI to Create Brand Avatars for The Metaverse

Dentsu-Launches-Dentsu-VI-to Create Brand-Avatars-for-The-Metaverse
Dentsu-Launches-Dentsu-VI-to Create Brand-Avatars-for-The-Metaverse

Dentsu Creative, the holding company’s creative network, has announced the launch of Dentsu VI, a virtual identity service that provides brands with a virtual face and personality to use across digital platforms.

The service, which is run by CGI experts from Dentsu Creative Singapore, uses motion capture and streaming technology from the gaming and film industries to create fully customizable virtual identities that can be used as avatars, character skins, or non-playable characters in metaverse and gaming settings.

Additionally, Dentsu VI permits businesses to use pre-made virtual personas for short- and medium-term activations in the metaverse, including Rumi, the company’s own avatar. The product is being offered as demand for digital representation across new digital channels grows.

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