Demandbase Launches New Solutions to Improve ABM Offerings

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Demandbase Launches New Solutions to Improve ABM Offerings

Demandbase has recently announced the launch of its new solutions to enhance the existing ABM offerings. This is to help B2B marketing teams with the control in designing and tracking their ABM strategies. The newly introduced features are Demandbase Data Stream, Self-Serve Targeting and Site Analytics – that will enable marketers to access data to tackle the website analytics, dashboards, and autonomously set up digital advertising campaigns.

Predictive Insights Paves the Way for ABM Adoption

Gabe Rogol, CEO at Demandbase mentioned in a statement, “We are launching new solutions that will empower all of us to take control of data to create tailored campaigns that will drive growth for their organizations. These new solutions are a reflection of what’s coming next in the world of ABM.”


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