Criteo Acquires Ad-Tech Firm Iponweb for USD 250M Deal 

Criteo-Acquires-Ad-Tech-Firm-Iponweb-for USD-250M-Deal
Criteo-Acquires-Ad-Tech-Firm-Iponweb-for USD-250M-Deal

Criteo announced this week that its previously announced acquisition of Iponweb has been completed. The final price tag was USD 250 million, USD 130 million less than what had been anticipated at the end of 2021, when the deal was in its infancy.

The acquisition includes Iponweb’s media-trading marketplace, demand-side platform, and supply-side platform, allowing Criteo to enhance its commerce media strategy and facilitate the management of first-party data.

After customary price adjustments and the exclusion of Iponweb’s Russian subsidiary, the price of the Criteo acquisition was reduced. The acquisition was completed on August 1, days after Google once again postponed the deprecation of third-party cookies, this time until 2024.

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