Compugen Introduces Kara Rudy as Vice President of Marketing


Compugen Inc. has announced that Kara Rudy, the Founder and CMO of MarketDesign Consulting, has joined Compugen as its new Vice President of marketing.

MarketDesign Consulting has merged with the Compugen Group of Companies to stay committed to brand differentiation, organizational alignment, and digital strategy in the IT industry.

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Kara and her team at MarketDesign have worked as consultants with Compugen Inc. for two years. They were instrumental in the launch of a new brand, website, and World View portfolio refresh for Compugen Inc. in late 2023.

Compugen Inc. found the talent and skillset of MarketDesign to be unrivaled after a thorough search and extensive vetting process.

Kara will take on the role of chief marketing officer and will be responsible for promoting connections and building data-driven go-to-market strategies across teams, departments, partners, and stakeholders, focusing on modern marketing to drive growth opportunities.

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