College social app Fizz growing fast after Twitter Fiasco


The social media application Fizz is creating a buzz at the Claremont Colleges after 5C student ambassadors heavily promoted its arrival. Fizz finished a USD 4.5 million seed round in June, and the college student social media platform just raised its USD 12 million Series A round.

In a bear market, such a quick rise from seed to Series A funding is almost unheard of, but Fizz is adopting the philosophy of moving quickly and (hopefully without) breaking things. The platform, called “Buzz,” was first introduced on July 29, 2021, at Stanford University. It enables students to post memes, images, and Tweet-like messages anonymously.

Nevertheless, Fizz asserts that more than half of its users use the app on a daily basis, which is a remarkable statistic in and of itself.

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