With the recent launch of BrightEdge Market Insights and BrightEdge Intelligent Log Analyzer, the company has demonstrated that it takes SEO seriously and with an innovative outlook. Undoubtedly, the modern-age SEO innovation is driving various ways to maximize the digital prospect for businesses.

These solutions will enable marketing professionals, especially the search and digital marketers, to incorporate the influence of business intelligence. Besides, it can automate how marketers optimize their webpages and infrastructure, with high precision. As mentioned by Jim Yu, CEO at BrightEdge – “The digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last six months. This has forced companies to fast-forward digital transformation and how they think about SEO and digital as a whole.”

Source: https://martechseries.com/content/content-marketing/brightedge-takes-seo-new-digital-era-market-insights-intelligent-log-analyzer/