Brandcast and WEVO Join Forces to Deliver Content Optimization for Marketers


Designing and marketing teams work towards unlocking new creative direction to scale content with confidence and researched insights before going live. Being the industry leader, WEVO focuses on providing digital marketers the tools to successfully optimize digital experiences, announced a recent partnership with Brandcast, the first code-free web content system focused on enterprise marketing.

The strong combination of WEVO’s platform with Brandcast’s web content system allows digital marketers to create engaging, design-forward web content at scale that is well optimized with audience, research prior to going live to enhance conversion rates and web effectiveness.

As more customer interactions are going online, being “digital-first” is crucial for business survival and growth. Marketers have the opportunity to lead the way by producing different types of digital content at a high-velocity. Brandcast allows non-technical business users to create impressive, mobile-ready websites and digital content, on time at enterprise scale. The Brandcast platform fuses technology, design, and marketing into one visually rich collaborative workflow for teams to keep the online content as fresh as their innovative ideas.

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