Aventri Partners with Multiple Companies to Provide Virtual Events

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Aventri Partners with Multiple Companies to Provide Virtual Events

The event management software company Aventri has recently announced its partnership with three digital event solutions companies – Digitell, Intrado Digital Media, and Evia to offer virtual events. It can provide unique approaches in the events industry to help organizations that have been by the COVID-19.

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Aventri’s new solutions will provide all customers and event planners with the option to shift their events into a virtual platform. They can also add a digital component to any of the events as needed. Jim Sharpe, CEO at Aventri said, “In this challenging window of time, our customers are looking for solutions…Amidst concerns of coronavirus, it’s important to realize that for thousands of live events across the globe, the show will go on.”

Source: https://www.martechadvisor.com/news/marketing-automation-2/aventri-partners-with-companies-to-offer-virtual-events/

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