Amazon beats Google and Apple in the race to become the world’s most valued brand

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Amazon broke the 12-year reign of Apple and Google in the BrandZ world’s top 100 global brands. Amazon’s valuable brand worth stands at a whopping $315.5bn, being the first new brand to claim the top spot in 12 years.

According to Kantar’s global BrandZ ranking, Amazon’s value grew up to 52% between 2018 and 2019, while Apple grew 3% to $309.1bn, followed by Google by 2% at $309bn. Microsoft sits in fourth place with a value of $251bn, followed by Visa in fifth place, up 22% to $178bn, with Alibaba at seventh position, up 16% to $131bn.

Amazon’s global value this year went up to 409% higher than Microsoft in 2006, which was the first brand to ever hold the top spot while the ranking was launched.

Amazon’s brand value has been steadily growing over the last few years as it has evolved from an online, price-led retailer to an ‘ecosystem brand.’

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