Airship Merges Experimentation and Optimization to Improve Mobile Customer Experience


Airship introduced a series of enhancements to experiment and optimize mobile customer experience more easily.

Airship will now centralize all its experiments from optimizing the performance of cross-channel customer journeys, refining messages and campaigns, and testing app use experience and features to no-code native app experiences in an Experimentation Hub.

Holdout Experiments take A/B testing to the next level, allowing marketers to measure their impact on business goals. Apart from this, Feature Flags will also allow teams to run tests, activate short-term campaigns, and make interactive experience enhancements for audiences.

Furthermore, with the introduction of Airship’s no-code native App Experience Editor, businesses can allow non-technical teams to easily create, automate, and adapt native app experiences for continuous first-party and zero-party data collection.

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