Ai to Play A More Significant Role in Digital Marketing in Thailand

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Ai To Play A More Significant Role In Digital Marketing In Thailand

Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role in digital marketing strategies in Thailand’s industry. Mobile advertising accounts for 51% of the digital ad revenue that accrues in Thailand.

Brands are focusing more on the aging society with the Line app being the most popular online platform among senior citizens, with 31% of them using the app. The big spenders in digital marketing are automotive, real estate, beauty/cosmetics, banks, insurance, and e-commerce.

As Facebook has more than 51 million users in Thailand, Messenger will emerge as a key tool for digital campaigns in the coming years. YouTube will also serve as a key marketing channel since Thais spend half of their online time on the platform. 20% of Google searches are now done through voice, a trend expected to continue in the next few years.

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