Accenture Buys Yesler to Boost its B2B Marketing Solutions

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Accenture Buys Yesler to Boost its B2B Marketing Solutions

Accenture has recently announced that it has acquired Yesler, a B2B marketing services company. The details of the acquisition have not been disclosed yet. With this initiative, Accenture will be able to reinforce and scale its B2B marketing services. The company expects Yesler will add more features to its offerings, including account-based marketing (ABM), sales enablement, customer advocacy, and marketing automation.

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Manish Sharma, Group Chief Executive at Accenture Operations, said, “We’re excited to have them join the Accenture team… Yesler’s expertise in B2B has given them a unique understanding of how businesses make purchase decisions — insights that empower marketers to influence purchasing decisions at critical stages.”


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