ABB’s Latest Analytics and AI Software Allows Producers to Optimize their Business Operations

The ABB Ability’s Genix Industrial AI and Analytics Suite is a scalable advanced analytics platform having easy-to-use, pre-built applications, and services. It collects, contextualizes, and then converts operational, engineering, and information technology data into sorted actionable insights that allow industries to improve operations, streamline business processes, and optimize asset management safely and sustainably.

Analyst studies confirm that industrial firms typically are able to use only 20% of the data generated, severely limiting their ability to apply data analytics meaningfully. ABB’s latest solution operates as a digital data convergence point where information streams from diverse sources across the enterprise and plant are put into meaningful context through a unified analytics model. The application of AI on this data produces in-depth insights for prediction and optimization, focusing on business performance improvement.

With the new EtherNet/IP interface, the Universal Motor Controllers by ABB not only benefit from one more way of communication but flexible mounting in- and outside drawers enable maximum uptime as well.

“We believe that the place to start a data analytics journey in the process, energy, and hybrid industries is by building on the existing digital technology – the automation that controls the production processes,” said Peter Terwiesch, President of ABB Industrial Automation.

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