ABM is going to raise the marketing budgets in the coming days. According to a study by ITSMA, almost 73% of marketers who are using account-based marketing measures, plan to increase their budgets in 2020.

While the majority of companies are still experimenting, the ABM marketers said they had dedicated 29% of their budgets to ABM in 2019. In the survey of 196 marketers, it was found 71% of the companies saw more ROI with ABM, compared to traditional marketing methods.

ITSMA Snr. VP B. Burgess said, “ABM will continue to influence the way we do our broader marketing too, such as One-to-Few ABM principles shaping vertical marketing and One-to-Many ABM shaping ‘always on’ offering campaigns.”

Source: https://martechtoday.com/73-of-marketers-plan-to-increase-abm-budgets-in-2020-237398