Four B2B Marketing Trends to Anticipate in 2022

Four B2B Marketing Trends to Anticipate in 2022-01

Many enterprises begin to wind down as the year draws to a close. B2B marketers, on the other hand, recognize that now is the time to plan ahead of time in order to grab those crucial clients in the coming year and that early planning of sales and marketing strategy is paramount.

Marketing is a constantly evolving field, and what worked in the past may not work today or tomorrow. The world of marketing is becoming increasingly digital and personalized these days. AI is enabling marketers to gain more useful insights, allowing them to better adapt campaigns and create high-quality content.

The idea is to deliberately incorporate new B2B trends that help the company achieve its growth objectives. Increase brand trust and engagement by including high-quality, personalized content into digital marketing campaigns and automating the tedious tasks to save time. As a result, marketers will be able to keep up with the changing marketing landscape.

As has been the case in recent years, numerous B2B marketing trends will continue to evolve in 2022. Furthermore, B2C marketing will continue to have a huge impact on the B2B world. In 2022, here are some B2B marketing trends to keep an eye on.

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The battle for the back office

“As companies continue their digital transformation efforts, the big CRM/CX battle will go beyond the front lines of sales, marketing, and customer service to the back office people and processes needed to resolve customer issues, get accurate quotes, and complete complex processes,”

Rebecca Wettemann
Rebecca Wettemann

says Rebecca Wettemann, CEO and analyst at Valoir. She further adds that beyond just case management and integration, companies will look for industry-best practice process models, complex workflow orchestration, swarming, and artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to increase the efficiency and intelligence of customer-facing processes that touch the back office.

Attacking the long tail of content

According to Rebecca, sales and marketing will attack the “last mile” of CRM – the content challenge – with new tools and AI-enabled applications to automate and standardize the development and delivery of content. A new generation of content automation tools and technologies will emerge to drive greater consistency and productivity and reduce the need for outsourcing much of content development. “Customer relationship management (CRM) vendors will continue their push to get in on the action, both organically and through acquisition” adds Rebecca Wettemann.

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Nostalgia marketing

B2B marketers can use nostalgia marketing to link their products and services to the rest of the globe. By being authentic, leveraging on cultural trends, and reintroducing a product or service that was previously discontinued, the enterprise can begin to engage in nostalgic marketing strategies.

As the world navigates these unprecedented circumstances, nostalgia marketing has grown in importance. Nostalgia is comfortable, safe, and familiar, which is exactly what the world requires right now and in the year 2021.

Forget zoom – talk to my avatar

“Whether in hybrid or remote work settings, the average employee will dramatically reduce their time spent on camera in 2022 (which was an average of 4 hours a day in 2021). Workers (and most managers) are recognizing that “facetime” doesn’t mean progress for many business tasks and will cut the camera and synchronous virtual meeting time,” states Rebecca. In addition, she says that other communication channels and tools – include asynchronous options – are on the rise. Look for “CTZHBE” (could this Zoom have been an email?) to trend. “We’ll also see more experimentation and adoption of technologies such as virtual meeting spaces and avatars that help to simulate the social context of the water cooler,” adds Rebecca.

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