Zoovu Nominated as Lead Partner in SAP’s Industry Cloud for Customers Digitizing Sales Environments

Zoovu Nominated as Lead Partner in SAP's Industry Cloud for Customers Digitizing Sales Environments

Zoovu, the leading platform for AI-powered product discovery and e-commerce experiences, today announced that it has been selected by SAP as the recommended cloud industry solution for manufacturers starting their digital transformation in the in the areas of product sales and self-service procurement.

The partnership expands as global companies increasingly aim to generate new revenue streams and reduce direct selling costs through automated and intelligent e-commerce platforms. Traditionally, the complexity and number of products provided by most manufacturers and large B2B suppliers required expert sales teams to inform customers and convert inquiries into sales. Leveraging SAP and Zoovu technology, customers can easily transform large, complex product catalogs into highly accurate and continuously optimized digital retail environments.

Zoovu was invited to join the SAP.iO Acceleration Partner Program last year, and the platform quickly jumped into the top 2% performers in the SAP ® Store . Based on this strong market demand, Zoovu has been appointed as SAP partner for SAP’s industrial cloud portfolio.

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“Our customers are realizing significant cost savings and revenue gains by integrating their complex product offerings into a digital commerce environment powered by Zoovu,” said Stephan G. Braun, Executive Industry Advisor, SAP. “We look forward to continuing to work with the Zoovu team to support our customers in this operational transformation,” he added.

“We’re excited to further deepen our SAP partnership and help global B2B customers create significant value using our AI-driven platform,” said Lamees Butt, senior vice president, Global Alliances & Channels, Zoovu. “SAP is at the forefront of helping companies in their business transformation and we are honored to have been selected as a lead partner in solving these sales challenges, particularly for the manufacturing sector,” she added.

Zoovu’s no-code cloud platform seamlessly integrates with SAP Business Technology Platform, enabling B2B and D2C customers to cleanse product data, standardize, solution federate and intelligently search for products from disparate data sources including PDFs, PIMs, Automate CRMs and even YouTube product videos. Zoovu’s AI-powered platform draws on its product ontology, syntax and sales knowledge across more than 70,000 product categories to ensure buyers are always presented with exactly the right product. Zoovu’s guided selling tools, assistants and product configurators then make it possible to create powerful self-service customer experiences at scale.

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