Ziflow Furthers Digital Transformation Initiatives of Marketing and Creative Teams with Ziflow Connect

Ziflow Furthers Digital Transformation Initiatives of Marketing and Creative Teams with Ziflow Connect

Ziflow, the leading content review and approval solution for agencies and brands, today announced the next generation of Ziflow Connect, a unique suite of integrations and automations that enables marketing and creative teams to more seamlessly streamline production of creative content. As a popular capability within Ziflow, Ziflow Connect aims to further the digital transformation initiatives of companies worldwide through easy integration with existing or future applications that have become essential for teams producing content and running campaigns at scale.

Unlike other online proofing solutions, Ziflow is the only standalone offering that provides a secure, enterprise-ready environment where creative content can be reviewed from anywhere, on any device, with any workflow. With enhancements to Ziflow Connect, brands and agencies are well-suited to execute on creative projects in today’s digital age where seamless connections to other applications and platforms are critical for project completion. Connect supports more flexible workflows that unite with applications for automated movement on mundane production tasks, such as proof and folder creation and file conversions and sharing, ultimately raising team efficiencies and productivity.

“Since the onset of COVID-19, distributed teams and now hybrid work environments have been the victims of collaboration breakdowns and project bottlenecks when it comes to creative production,” said Anthony Welgemoed, CEO and Co-Founder of Ziflow. “Our updates to Ziflow’s foundational Ziflow Connect feature supports them as they embrace a wide range of applications for project management, storage, and cloud functionalities to bridge gaps left by geographically distributed teams, and results in higher automated functions that intertwine all digital tooling so key team objectives can be met more adequately, in a timely and collaborative manner.”

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The amount of marketing software available on the market is vast and can make adoption and connection of multiple offerings complex. Ziflow Connect boils down this complexity so that applications can be united easily, in a central environment. The tool, which is comprised of Flow Builder, App Plugins such as for the Adobe Creative suite, and the Ziflow API gives users access to customizable integrations that result in an enriched experience with relevant insights and data for all connected applications. With Connect, users gain more control over the sequencing and configuration of application integrations, faster setup and orchestration.

With nearly one million users world-wide, Ziflow drastically simplifies how marketing and creative teams and agencies review and approve creative content, having demonstrated significant workflow improvements, such as a 56% reduction in project turnaround time compared to status quo review processes like email, and supporting collaboration challenges that have become prevalent in today’s hybrid working environments. Ziflow and its Ziflow Connect functionality are backed by numerous awards and user-reviews on G2, as well as leading brands around the world including Showtime, McCann Worldgroup, AWS and more.

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