Zendure And Shelly Forge Strategic Alliance To Pioneer Smart Home Automation And Clean Energy Management

Zendure and Shelly Forge Strategic Alliance to Pioneer Smart Home Automation and Clean Energy Management

Zendure, a fast-growing EnergyTech start-up, and Shelly Group, a specialist in IoT devices, have announced their strategic partnership for a clean energy management ecosystem for end-users, leveraging both companies’ R&D capabilities.

Partnership with Unified Vision

Zendure and Shelly are collaborating on a comprehensive Clean EnergyTech platform that meets the needs of communities and families. As a leader in the automation of homes and buildings, Shelly is known for providing smart and innovative solutions. With a focus on energy efficiency, Shelly creates modular devices that prioritize user preferences down to the smallest details.

By incorporating Zendure’s innovative products, such as SolarFlow and SuperBase V, with Shelly’s smart devices, this collaboration aims for a unique position in the market.  The target is to capture a significant market share in the EU balcony energy storage system market.

“The partnership with Zendure embodies our values of flexibility, exceptional value, and community-driven innovation.” said Ivan Mihaylov, Shelly’s Global Head of Sales, “Together, we aim to advance a customer-centric home automation platform.”

Seamless Integration and Collaboration

To ensure seamless interoperability between Zendure and Shelly products, Shelly will provide API access for cloud-to-cloud integration. Zendure will also focus on enhancing compatibility through software development.

Both companies agreed to engage in joint product development activities to improve data accuracy and create intelligent applications within the clean energy management ecosystem. Additionally, the partnership includes cross-sales on identified e-commerce channels, co-marketing campaigns, and joint market entrance initiatives.

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Glimpse into the Future

This partnership between Zendure and Shelly represents a glimpse into the future of smart home energy management. By merging their expertise, they are poised to become game-changers in the EnergyTech sector, offering a clean EnergyTech platform that supports communities and families.

“We’re excited to partner with Shelly,” said Bryan Liu, CEO of Zendure. “Through collaboration, we aim to reshape the industry and accelerate a sustainable future.”

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