The language I/O® has added Language I/O Guide translation to its Zendesk Inc. product suite so that Zendesk users can get all of their multilingual customer service needs—chat, email, article, and social translation—in one place.

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The language I/O Guide for Zendesk allows companies to provide professional human translation or machine translation (MT) of Guide articles to their customers in more than 150 languages. This new addition to the Language I/O suite of Zendesk products enables English-speaking support agents to provide high-quality translation across all e-support channels within Zendesk. The language I/O already offers translation solutions for Zendesk chat and support.

“No other application on the Zendesk marketplace allows users to translate their knowledgebase using professional human translators the way that Language I/O for Guide does,” said Language I/O Co-CEO Heather Morgan Shoemaker. “We provide an intuitive Guide translation portal with extensive search functionality to easily find the articles that require translation, bundle those articles into translation projects and finally to track the translation progress at every step in the process. And it’s all automated – no more cutting and pasting.”

Highlights of the Language I/O Guide Translation Solution for Zendesk include:

  • An end-to-end solution for high-quality Zendesk Guide translation that includes professional human translation for 150 languages
  • Automating the import, export, and publishing of content preserving formatting
  • A full-featured search portal to easily find articles that require translation—based upon timestamps, outdated translations, tags and more
  • The ability to enforce preferred translations for product- and industry-specific terms
  • Translation memory that prevents paying to translate the same article content over and over again
  • State-of-the-art workflows so internal reviewers can proofread Guide translations before they are pushed back into Zendesk

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“We consistently strive to bring partners on board that will help improve KPIs for all of our customers,” said Mike Yakovlev, Zendesk Technology Alliances manager. “One component of this is connecting businesses to the tools that will prepare them for global success and being able to communicate with your customers in any language is critical for any business that has an international presence.”