Mediaocean offers planners and buyers streamlined access to YouTube inventory locally.

Mediaocean, the foundational software provider for the advertising world, and YouTube, the world’s primary destination for online video, announced a completed integration to give local television ad buyers access to YouTube inventory through Mediaocean Spectra, helping to bridge the gap between traditional and digital media in Local TV buying.

This integration provides local planners and buyers streamlined access to YouTube’s video inventory through Mediaocean, which currently serves all major agency holding companies. It will allow Spectra OX/DS Local Broadcast users to buy YouTube in over 200 local markets with greater operational efficiency.

“Marketers and agencies want to reach audiences regardless of what devices they are on,” said Drew Kane, EVP, Global Platform Solutions, Mediaocean. “Mediaocean’s partnership with YouTube will enable local buyers to access local audiences across YouTube digital inventory, with reduced time to market to better serve brand-client needs.”

Combining YouTube and Local TV ensures buyers have access to complementary digital inventory that delivers unique reach across valuable local audience segments as viewership continues to shift to digital devices.

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