NoxInfluencer, a popular YouTube analytics tool, is paving the way for the smaller YouTube channels to get paid sponsorships. Since sponsor marketing is on the rise and it is expected that small YouTubers will be reaping good dividends, small YouTubers now have an opportunity to capitalize on the market rush. NoxInfluencer, the analytics tool, was recently launched at a tech expo held in China. NoxInfluencer now features the profiles of a number of global brands, including Netmarble, Kakao, Gameloft, Tiktok, Tencent. Users can either join the analytics platform as an influencer or as brands and agencies.

Many well-known brands are reaching out to the YouTubers through YouTube influencer marketing platform Noxinfluencer, as small YouTubers have a relatively loyal audience when compared with big YouTubers. Huawei and Xiaomi also have profiles on Noxinfluencer, and the app promises to bridge the gap between large companies and small YouTubers.

NoxInfluencer users who wish to work with agencies to monetize their YouTube channels just have to look out for the “I’m an influencer” button on the top right corner of the screen and click on that. Next, they would have to log in to their NoxInfluencer account, and they can instantly get a chance to chat with famous brands that are already on the platform and strike sponsorship deals for their YouTube channel.