YouMail Acquires PhoneTag, a Direct-To-Consumer Voicemail Provider

YouMail Acquires PhoneTag_ a Direct-To-Consumer Voicemail Provider

PhoneTag Users Immediately Benefit from YouMail’s Advanced Security Features

YouMail today announced that it has acquired PhoneTag, a direct-to-consumer voicemail service. Founded in 2003, PhoneTag is a subscription communications business that provides premium voicemail transcription services directly to consumers. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

PhoneTag’s service is now running on YouMail’s proprietary communication platform, and PhoneTag users are benefitting effortlessly from an improved voicemail experience that now includes protection from robocalls and phishing messages. The full spectrum of YouMail’s virtual numbers and a complete suite of advanced virtual reception features is also easily accessible to PhoneTag’s customers through an upgrade to the YouMail apps on iPhone and Android.

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“Acquiring PhoneTag increases the footprint of YouMail’s premium consumer subscription business. YouMail immediately improves the user experience of PhoneTag customers through more advanced call-handling as well as increased protection from scammers and spammers,” said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. “We are actively exploring similar acquisitions where our platform can support and run communication services more efficiently and provide users with a better, more secure communication experience.”