Yotpo announced a partnership with Bazaarvoice that will enable Yotpo customers to syndicate their product reviews and visual user-generated content to the world’s largest network of retail websites, empowering over a billion monthly shoppers to make more confident buying decisions.

The power of Yotpo’s data-driven eCommerce marketing platform combined with the broad reach of the Bazaarvoice Network demonstrates the value of Yotpo’s best-in-class solution for the world’s most cutting-edge brands. With this agreement, eCommerce marketers can continue to leverage Yotpo’s end-to-end platform to grow their direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel while accelerating third-party sales in parallel by syndicating their customer reviews, ratings, and visual content to the network’s 1,900 global retail sites.

How Digital Interactions Have Evolved with Personalization Tools

Forward-thinking brands understand the unparalleled value of user-generated content across channels. In surveys conducted by Yotpo, 98% of consumers consider authentic customer reviews to be the most influential factor in purchase decisions, and 77% of consumers said that authentic customer photos affect their purchase decisions more than professional photos. Brands that syndicate this powerful content to retail sites maximize its reach and influence to generate more sales.

Yotpo’s strategic partnership with Bazaarvoice enables businesses to meet their customers wherever they shop with the most up-to-date content that builds purchase confidence. This agreement empowers both the increasing number of brands tapping into both D2C and third-party channels, as well as primarily wholesale brands seeking to drive more retail sales.

“As brands shift to develop more direct relationships with their customers, retail presents an unmatched opportunity to boost awareness, brand equity, and sales,” says Tomer Tagrin, CEO and Co-Founder, Yotpo. “Consumers are strongly influenced by the social proof that customer reviews and photos provide, making the ability to syndicate user-generated content to an industry-leading retail review syndication network a win for all: consumers, brands, and retailers alike.”

Artificial Intelligence to Smartly Boost Sales

“Syndication to the Bazaarvoice Network represents a powerful channel for brands looking to scale their business and maintain lasting customer relationships,” says Keith Nealon, CEO, Bazaarvoice. “We’re confident that our combined client base will benefit greatly from syndicating content across our wide-reaching network.”

This innovative offering follows Yotpo’s prior acquisition of loyalty and referrals platform Swell Rewards and the recent acquisition of leading SMS marketing solution SMSBump, bolstering the brand’s position as the most comprehensive eCommerce platform on the market.