Yappa Selected by Google for New Business Scale Sales Program

Yappa, Google,Sales Program

Yappa World Inc., a Southern California startup and provider of free audio and video commenting tool, today announced that Google has selected Yappa to be included in its New Business Scale Sales program.

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Google’s New Business Scale Sales program identifies promising companies that offer innovative technological ideas and tools. Google then immerses these companies in a complete and comprehensive marketing program across Google’s key properties to scale their online growth and reach. Yappa was selected for its innovative use of conversational technology in a text-based commenting world. Yappa delivers a new approach to online dialog and Google recognizes that.

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“I am not at liberty to divulge how Google’s selection process for inclusion into its NBS-S program. But, let’s just say, a data-driven Goliath assisting a data-driven David in successfully leveraging the power of its Google Ads platform was a data-driven no brainer,” explained Bryan Austin, Digital Strategist for Google Mid-Market.

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Google is a powerful ecosystem that has become an integral part of the culture – its name has become a verb for searching online through “Googling.” According to Google’s Internal Data, the Google Search Network reaches 90% of internet users, YouTube reaches 87.4% of internet users, ADMob reaches 91.5% of 18-34 males, Google Display Network reaches 92% of internet users and 64% of the online population have an active Gmail account. Google’s Android mobile operating system has 85.1% market share in 2018 according to IDC. Google’s tremendous reach will help further Yappa’s mission and promote healthier online comments with its conversational technology.

Yappa is a fun and an easy new way to communicate that is an alternative to the typical text comments offered at many news sites, sports forums, review sites, and customer service platforms. Yappa lets users leave audio-only or video comments called “Yaps” that remove the limitations of the traditional text-based approach, which have to rely on emojis as attempts to convey context. Now, website visitors can quickly and easily record an audio-only or video clip of their comment to embed into the Yappa plugin on any particular article or blog post.

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