XPLA Collaborates with Xterio


XPLA, a leading global blockchain mainnet built by Com2uS Group, today announced a partnership with Xterio, a cross-platform Web3 game business focused on multiplayer games and player ownership. Through the partnership with XPLA, Xterio will utilize the XPLA blockchain on multiple gaming titles and digital assets throughout the term of the partnership.

XPLA bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 in the gaming landscape. It builds essential services such as wallets and explorers and provides design and technical support for developers.

By entering into this partnership, Xterio becomes one of the first Web3 organizations to collaborate with XPLA. In addition to exclusive gaming titles, Xterio will also contribute to the XPLA media content pool, which will play an integral role in establishing the blockchain as a center for art, music and dapps.

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“Our partnership with Xterio continues the development of XPLA and will bring a new element of entertainment for our users to enjoy,” said Kyu Lee, president of Com2uS USA Inc. “In the true spirit of Web3, our vision for XPLA is to share the ownership and validation control with our partners, helping to drive innovative ideas while providing key infrastructure support for leading global companies.”

Through this partnership, Xterio will also assist in the development of the XPLA mainnet. Xterio is the exclusive partner of FunPlus for Web3, and FunPlus develops some of the most popular mobile games in the industry, including State of Survival, King of Avalon and Guns of Glory. With its global reach and recognition, Xterio will play a sizable role in providing more benefits to players. Xterio also recently raised $40 million in a funding round led by FunPlus, Makers Fund, FTX Ventures and XPLA to further bolster  its capabilities in game and platform development.

“This is the first step in our goal to create a true Web3 platform centered on gaming, and with Xterio, we move that much closer to realizing the true possibilities of blockchain gaming,” added Lee. “We’re constantly looking to provide great content in the digital asset gaming space and by partnering with proven  Web2 makers, Xterio, combined with our expertise in Web2 and Web3, we can pave the way for blockchain gaming moving forward.”

Com2uS Group will be launching a myriad of games on the XPLA mainnet in the coming months including, Summoners War: Chronicles, Dear, Ella and more to come. These games will be migrating from the existing C2X (original) platform in line with the Com2uS strategy of establishing XPLA as its own industry-leading blockchain.

“Web3 is revolutionizing the way that games are played and enjoyed, ” said Xterio Co-Founder Jeremy Horn. “As we continue on our journey to enrich the gaming experience for users, we seek to partner with the best in the blockchain world which means solidifying our partnership with XPLA. Ownership is a cornerstone of the future of gameplay, and naturally we research the best ways to elevate the experience for players. XPLA mirrors our path in providing a new era of multiplayer experiences built on Web3 technology.”

XPLA will be the leading blockchain for gamers built by true game developers and is continuing to work with developers and studios to offer a richer gaming ecosystem for users.

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