XDBS Corporation announces the expansion of its B2B marketing with the addition of digital marketing services. Working with B2B and regional businesses with focused needs, XDBS will leverage its strong capabilities across integrated marketing to enhance and elevate brands’ marketing efforts, ensuring best-in-class digital ecosystems that drive results. “Every organization can benefit from a strategic digital program – yet, budget and scale are often barriers to entry. We want to allow every company to leverage innovative integrated marketing solutions to drive their business and elevate brand awareness,” said Mr. Kartik Anand, CEO and Executive Chairman of XDBS.

XDBS’s digital marketing will consist of three customizable, tiered offerings:

  • Tier 1: CREATE & ELEVATE Digital Foundation – Focused on optimizing the brand’s digital foundation across its website, social media platforms, and search engines, the team will implement an ongoing program for proper analytics and optimization. As a digital marketing offering, XDBS will publish digital content on websites and social networks to educate its potential leads. Also, XDBS focuses on multiple calls to action and landing pages available to interested leads. It continues its education through emails, events, and content promotion (often implementing a lead scoring model) until they’re ready to be passed to sales.
  • Tier 2: CREATE & ELEVATE Awareness – Designed to optimize and manage the digital foundation, supplementing the elements of Tier 1 with additional targeted paid elements to increase awareness and reach new customers. With platforms like LinkedIn, digital marketing strategy is set out to offer a full suite of products to help customers’ gain relevant visibility and recognition with their most valuable audiences. And with LinkedIn proving a sound branding investment, almost 97% of B2B marketers utilize it for their content marketing efforts
  • Tier 3: CREATE & ELEVATE Demand Gen – With a strong foundation and awareness program in place, this will help brands drive demand and nurture leads toward conversion. Combining paid promotions, landing pages, targeted content, and a marketing automation system, the program can turn customers’ digital ecosystem into a lead generation engine

The launch of digital marketing lead generation services by XDBS is geared to increase its business’s visibility dramatically. Through innovative outside the box thinking, they are coming up with winning formulas to help other businesses and their clients thrive.

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