XDBS Corp Expands to Become XDBS Worldwide

XDBS Corp Grows Into XDBS Worldwide To Deliver Better Marketing Services Value Globally-01 (1)

The increasingly digitalized enterprise environment globally has made it imperative for companies to look for better opportunities, better business environments, and growth expansion in areas that benefit the stakeholders and the team.

As a step forward to this expansion, one of the world’s leading marketing services brands, XDBS Corporation, is now spreading its wings to become XDBS Worldwide, headquartered in Dubai. The new entity of XDBS Worldwide will also include their global companies in UAE, IndiaCosta Rica, and the entities planned in Cape Town, South Africa.

The company is a part of Kings Group Ventures, which includes global brands like ODM Digital, iTech series, Kings Research and Vibe projects, and Eventible.

The biggest reason for this move is better business expansion opportunities. The shift of the headquarters to UAE will afford the company many advantages – higher tax benefits and a more efficient business support system being the top priority for reasons. The central management of XDBS worldwide has also shifted to Dubai, adding a more global workforce from UAE, Africa & India region to the management and operations team. A higher number of the company’s delivery teams will now be stationed in UAE. This move will also allow XDBS worldwide to expand its marketing services focus to the region, which is proliferating in terms of business opportunities and enterprise digital transformation. This is creating various options for their marketing services and tools.

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Opining on this expansion, Kartik Anand, Founder & Executive Chairman, Kings Group Ventures, said,” The rebranding comes with great timing when we complete more than a decade of bringing in investments to all global locations with expansion everywhere. We will be able to add a UAE focus due to the parent group being headquartered there.”

Speaking about this shift, Kenny Warribam, COO, XDBS Worldwide, said, “we have been looking for much bigger expansion and branching out in more geographies. As the company celebrates ten years, this is the opportune time for us to shift base to the UAE and look for much more global growth.”

While business reasons for this shift have been studied down to the last detail, Imran Shaikh, the Chief Financial Controller at Kings Group Ventures, said, “given the taxation and incorporation laws in The United Arab Emirates are extremely business-friendly, we decided to move base there, to leverage all the advantage for the company as well as the market plans.”

As for the other companies in the group, ODM Digital is a media company that operates four B2B enterprise technology media platforms. iTech Series is a Digital Technology Publication that provides insightful content through researched articles and engaging interviews with the top minds in the enterprise industry. The brand’s content Syndication and Lead Generation services have generated over a million leads. Kings Research offers a comprehensive suite of custom market research services to meet every market requirement. At the same time, Vibe Projects is the Middle East’s only media company focused on Marketing Technology (MarTech), with an agenda to provide insightful content virtual and in-person events. And in the same industry is Eventible, a platform that tracks the world’s largest pool of event attendees and professionals to help connect event organizers with their intended audiences and attendees.

This move is designed to catapult XDBS worldwide in a higher business league as far as marketing services and technology tools are concerned. The benefit can be seen in both the business expansion and stakeholder and business support.

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