XANT Introduces Industry’s First Mobile Sales Engagement Solution

XANT, Mobile Sales Engagement Solution
XANT Introduces Industry's First Mobile Sales Engagement Solution

Revenue acceleration cloud company XANT announced the industry’s first fully mobile sales engagement solution of its kind: Playbooks Mobile™. Building on the XANT flagship product Playbooks, this innovative mobile experience provides sales reps all the proprietary buyer intelligence benefits of the full Playbooks platform wherever they go.

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“The future of sales engagement is mobile, and our new Playbooks Mobile product provides the full power of the comprehensive XANT platform that sales reps need to successfully engage customers in the mobile form factor they use every day,” XANT CEO Chris Harrington said. “Our customers continually express the need to access engagement solutions everywhere they go and having full access at their fingertips will make a tremendous difference to sales teams.”

Playbooks are the modern sales engagement solution that improves the productivity, visibility, and effectiveness of teams by combining the best aspects of CRM and AI. Users will access Playbooks Mobile via the web browser on iOS and Android devices and are automatically optimized for mobile touchscreens providing a familiar, intuitive interface for users on-the-go. Reps can now enjoy the full Playbooks experience from a desktop computer and then seamlessly continue that experience on their mobile devices.

Playbooks guide sales representatives to focus on the accounts, people, leads, and opportunities that actually build pipeline and generate revenue. It does this by prioritizing daily tasks and plays for sales teams leveraging the XANT exclusive buyer intelligence from more than 10 billion sales interactions.

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“XANT helps accelerate our business by combining its AI-enabled modern sales engagement platform with our CRM data. Bringing that power to an optimized mobile experience has the potential to turbocharge our sales teams on the go,” said Lori Harmon, Vice President Worldwide Virtual Sales, NetApp. “We already love the productivity and visibility improvements Playbooks gives us, and we’re excited to provide our teams with this innovative mobile experience.”