XANT Announces Transformative Product Innovations for a New Future of Digital Sales


At its NEXT 2021 customer conference today, XANT, the company behind Playbooks Guided Sales Engagement, announced several transformative product innovations. The past 12 months have accelerated the digital evolution of selling and the need for a guided sales solution. XANT unveiled these new developments to enable sales professionals and organizations to succeed in this disrupted landscape. These innovations will be released through 2021 and include:

Available Now:

  • Shared Records – Designate records as shared for the entire team to work, with the ability to automatically round-robin urgent, shared tasks.
  • Immediate Response – Connect sellers to buyers immediately signaling interest.
  • Try Another Number – Get recommended verified phone numbers (even from outside your CRM).
  • AI Record Prioritization – Put the right things first and eliminate guessing.

Coming Soon:

  • Gmail Integration 2.0 – Bring all of XANT patented email IPs directly to your Gmail inbox.
  • New and Expanded Compliance Capabilities
  • Personal Leaderboard – Create a culture of motivation and competitiveness with single-click insights into rep’s performance and how they compare to their team.
  • Play Library – Quickly customize and download high-impact Plays (cadences) for any sales motion.
  • PeopleFinder – Utilize a map of influencers and decisions makers in an account’s buying committee, with contact data, engagement insights, and level of influence (including contacts not in your CRM).

Coming This Year:

  • Dynamic Plays – Get real-time updates automated into sales Plays based on live customer behaviors.
  • Optimal Play Selection – Get real-time recommendations for the ideal sales Plays based on the buyer and predictions on the outcome of effort.

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“At XANT, we are committed to innovation. Playbooks is always evolving to align with the needs of our customers. This last year of change has made us all more remote, more digital, and more prepared for the future of sales,” says Chris Harrington, XANT CEO. “These Playbooks developments will further extend our promise of building solutions that help teams eliminate guessing by guiding and structuring sales effort in this new world order.”

Mark Littlefield, VP of Product Management comments, “During 2020, our user’s top concerns were effectiveness, compliance, and remote work. As we looked into how we could make Playbooks a more effective platform for sales teams, we used that as our north star. Each new release was created with that north star in mind and will truly be transformative for the sales industry.”

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