Woman-Owned Digital Marketing Support Company, McMedia Digital, Launches Amidst Pandemic

Woman-Owned Digital Marketing Support Company_ McMedia Digital_ Launches Amidst Pandemic

Mom & Entrepreneur focuses on helping other digital marketers & marketing agencies better support their clients.

Digital Marketing veteran, Mailynne Calvin, wants to help marketers have more time for themselves and better support marketing efforts for teams.

“Marketers constantly have to keep up with different platforms, new strategies and tasks. It also changes often. All that comes with digital marketing actions that need to happen every day, week and month,” said McMedia Digital CEO, Mailynne Calvin. “Our intention is to give busy marketers support so they can further their own company’s or their client’s digital marketing efforts.”

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McMedia Digital was launched as a support solution for marketing agencies and marketing teams who need help in marketing efforts for themselves and their own clients. To support marketers and other marketing agencies, McMedia Digital offers solutions that can be ordered directly off their website, with tasks being delivered within 48 hours of the initial order. The list of current services to support marketers and marketing agencies includes:

  • Digital reports
  • Hashtag research
  • SEO keyword research
  • Social media account setup
  • Facebook group setup
  • LinkedIn group setup

These services are the initial list of service offerings and the McMedia Digital team will be adding services to this list as clients’ needs arise over time.

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“Digital marketing is more important today than it has ever been before,” says McMedia Digital CEO, Mailynne Calvin. “With so many traditional marketing opportunities being taken away by the pandemic, marketing teams need more focus on digital marketing, and are doing so with less time and support than they have had before. Since I have worked in digital marketing for clients for so long, I understand the pain points of marketing teams and how to better support their marketing efforts.”

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