Webtalk Launches New Landing Page, Updates Onboarding Experience, and Adds Profile Completion Wizard

Webtalk Launches New Landing Page_ Updates Onboarding Experience_ and Adds Profile Completion Wizard

Networking platform’s 500K+ new monthly users benefit from a more efficient user experience

Webtalk, the first all-in-one networking platform for personal, professional, and business relationship and brand management, today announced one of its biggest updates yet with a new landing page, an updated onboarding experience, and the addition of a profile completion wizard.

Webtalk’s new and improved landing page now gives every member two different landing page links (personalized and non-personalized) to invite new members to join Webtalk during the invite-only Beta launch. The personalized landing page can be used for family and friends and will generate a connection request whenever someone joins, while the non-personalized landing page can be used for general advertising and marketing to help increase referral rewards.

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In addition to the new landing page, Webtalk has completely revolutionized its new user onboarding experience, making it faster and easier for new members to join. The company also introduced SMS account verification within the United States to make security verification happen instantly.

Along with the updated onboarding experience, Webtalk’s new members will be able to complete their profiles more efficiently, helping them get discovered and qualifying them to earn real cash rewards faster. Utilizing a popup accessible from nearly every page, the profile completion wizard will deliver the tips and tricks users need to complete their profiles faster and easier than ever before.

“As our community continues to evolve, we are constantly thinking about how to make things easier and more efficient for our users,” said RJ Garbowicz, CEO of Webtalk. “With today’s update, we hope to help speed up new member acquisitions and double the number of new members joining on a per visit ratio, helping users to earn rewards even faster.”