WebChartAi Accelerates Machine Learning Adoption


New Platform Simplifies NLP Text and Audio Annotation

Xelex Digital today announced the release of its new audio and text annotation platform, WebChartAi, designed to accelerate the adoption of machine learning applications by simplifying the creation of training data at scale.

“There’s an explosion of companies seeking to leverage the wealth of intelligence available in audio and text-based data,” said Mark Christensen, CEO of Xelex Digital. “WebChartAi lowers the technology barrier to entry, enabling a broader base of companies to more easily harness the power of NLP-driven task automation.”

In machine learning applications utilizing natural language processing (NLP), the NLP engine is trained to automatically identify actionable intelligence within media posts, customer service interactions, search queries, product reviews, and other audio and text-based sources.  The training process requires large volumes of data to be manually annotated, and that annotation process (sometimes called labeling or classifying) is accomplished through WebChartAi.

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“A lot of annotation projects stall out before completion,” said Christensen, “and one reason is the inability of the annotation platform to manage the project effectively. WebChartAi simplifies enterprise-scale, human-driven workflows and makes them easier for non-technical users to manage.  Our goal is to help increase success rates for annotation-based machine learning projects and move them more quickly to full-scale automation.”

The company has spent over ten years refining its expertise in software applications designed to efficiently and securely process large volumes of data through human-driven workflows.  Over 75,000 users in legal, insurance, healthcare, government and other verticals have created and managed over 40 million minutes of audio and 15 million documents on Xelex Digital’s software applications.

In addition to its use by companies for in-house projects, WebChartAi is designed for use by AI and NLP companies acting as service providers.  “The proliferation of AI will lead to a tier of third-party partners that specialize in building and managing models for other companies,” said Andrew Carpenter, Xelex Digital’s Chief Software Architect.  “WebChartAi enables those companies to manage large numbers of annotation projects for hundreds of clients concurrently.”

The initial MVP (minimum viable product) release of WebChartAi focuses on manual annotation of audio and text data objects. Upcoming releases include semi-automated annotation, and image and video annotation.  The company is now seeking partners for the platform’s expansion beyond its current MVP form.