Web Development New York Agency, Huemor, Explains Four Ways to Stimulate Ecommerce Revenue

Web Development

The internet is ripe with millions of customers and billions of dollars in revenue opportunities. However, the process of making sales and/or increasing sales can be arduous, especially in e-commerce. In the online business world, brands are competing with dozens or hundreds of similarly oriented websites in the e-commerce space. How can your e-commerce brand stand out from the crowd and gain traffic that leads to more conversions? Web development New York agency, Huemor, explains four ways to stimulate e-commerce revenue for your business down below.

  • Perfect the product page: Think of your homepage like the front door and your product page like the living room. While a great homepage gets leads in the door, it’s the content that decides if they stay or not. Perfecting the design and functionality of your product page is an essential part of guaranteeing more online sales. Think about the layout of your product page, the images that appear, the words you use, and the action button placement. There’s a lot that goes into crafting a successful product page and you need to consider all of it if you want to see considerable changes in your sales metrics.
  • Create clickable content: Content marketing is at the forefront of digital marketing these days, and if your brand isn’t taking advantage of your content channels, then you’re falling behind. Social media allows brands to produce and promote carefully curated content; content that your brand can use to promote products, seasonal trends, customer product experiences, and educational lifestyle materials. Crafting a brand image begins with finding a voice and content is the perfect way to show that voice to your customers. Interesting and engaging content will promote customer trust and lead to overall higher traffic and conversions.
  • Utilize your users: One of the most powerful tools in establishing customer trust is social proof. Your frequent shoppers are probably not only your biggest revenue stream but also your greatest allies. Encouraging customers to post on social media with your products and review them on your website will establish a foundation of trust for new customers to see. Potential buyers want to see customer photos, verified reviews, product ratings, non-sponsored social media posts, and even live updates of what’s being viewed and what’s selling out. Social proof is like free advertising, but it’s just your customers letting new leads know that your products are worth their money and trust.

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  • Make it Mobile: More customers than ever are doing their shopping on their mobile phones. If your website is faulty or downright not functional on mobile phones, then you might as well be throwing money out the window. Mobile shopping is the store of the future, and people want to be able to browse and complete their purchase in as limited clicks as possible. Ensuring your mobile store is not only functional but also provides a remarkable mobile UX will boost your mobile presence and increase your brand’s overall e-commerce sales.

There are a variety of ways your brand can increase its e-commerce revenue. Take advantage of the opportunity for improvement to assess what your company is doing now and what it can do better tomorrow for more sales.