Weave Launches Integration With QuickBooks Online

Weave Launches Integration With QuickBooks Online

Weave, the all-in-one customer communication platform for small business, today announced it’s further simplifying customer communications through an integration with Intuit QuickBooks Online.

With this new integration, Weave expands its existing core functions for QuickBooks Online users to take advantage of automated data syncing that keeps Weave contact lists up-to-date based on changes made in QuickBooks Online customer accounts.

“Integrating Weave’s services with QuickBooks Online brings efficiency and value to millions of QuickBooks’ small business customers, expanding the impact our all-in-one customer communications and engagement platform can have on the small business owners who are the backbone of our economy,” said Weave CEO Roy Banks.

For many small businesses, the traditional process of updating, organizing and manually managing contact lists for personalized customer communications across multiple databases is burdensome and time consuming. Small businesses need seamless tools that work together to power more meaningful customer conversations.

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Now that business owners can use their customer data from QuickBooks Online to power communications on Weave’s platform, users can be confident that the data they’re seeing in Weave is up-to-date due to an automated customer sync function.

This sync also enables automated birthday messages and tracks customer text preferences so users can optimize communication efforts across a desired customer base.

New integration benefits:

  • Data Sync – Keep all customer contact info current in Weave with regular, automatic updates from your database.
  • Birthday Messages – Weave can automatically send out Happy Birthday Wishes to customers.
  • Text Preferences – Weave tracks which customers want text communications, only sending messages to those who have opted in.
  • Email Marketing – Drum up new business and notify customers of offers, promotions, and critical updates. Comes with a library of pre-written email templates.

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