Vyond Unveils Video Showcase Resource for Customers

Video Showcase

Vyond, the world leader in enterprise video animation software, announced a new showcase page on their website featuring customer videos, templates, and testimonials in an effort to make video creation even faster and easier. Learning any new tool can be difficult, and Vyond actively listened to its engaged customer base and a strong community to provide the tools needed to enable customers to get started quickly.

“Even though Vyond is a much easier way to make videos than traditional production methods, we see tremendous value in providing our customers with resources that make it even easier. Examples of completed videos and templates that can be modified for our customers’ specific needs directly address the feedback we’ve received from our community,” said Community Manager Jessica Hobbs. “These resources go a long way in helping our customers get started with Vyond.”

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The Vyond showcase includes over 100 videos broken into three categories: customer video examples, complete, customizable video templates, and customer testimonials. Vyond customers from novice to expert and free-trial users will find a variety of content to inspire them.

Vyond’s customers use the platform for a myriad of use cases, from language instruction to social media advertising. The customer showcase is a highlight reel of these applications that gives both current customers and prospects a taste of what’s possible with Vyond.

The free templates help customers start creating videos right away, pre-filled with props, backgrounds, characters, motion, and more, to help save time and provide instruction. Some videos can be used as-is or with customizations, other videos are more conceptual and meant to inspire creativity. There are also tools to help dissect complex videos and teach customers how to recreate them for their own projects. Users can search for specific scenarios like sales training, product explainers, and sticky workplace issues.

The testimonials highlight Vyond customers’ thoughts about using Vyond Studio, working with the Vyond team, and how video is changing the workplace.

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