Visitech Captures Dallas DLP design house Keynote Photonics

Visitech Captures Dallas DLP design house Keynote Photonics

Keynote Photonics, a manufacturer of industrial projectors and advanced DLP projection systems, has been acquired by Visitech AS. The assets and staff will transition to new roles in the coming months. Existing Keynote production will be transitioned either to Visitech or third parties to ensure continuity of supply.

Valuable market accelerator
“The Keynote Photonics team accelerated the explosive growth in the additive manufacturing market and our market-leading, high-performance portfolio of scrolling UV and IR printing subsystems. Our teams have worked seamlessly to create new products and to aid customers in getting their products into the market quickly and effectively,” said managing partner of Visitech AS, Øyvind Tafjord. Keynote Photonics has developed various DLP industrial solutions for customers in medical solutions, 3D scanning metrology, and advanced display systems that have been used in Olympic ceremonies, DNA analysis, and the first 8K Laser TV.

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Full-complementing combination
“We are thrilled to become part of the Visitech team after working closely together for several years,” said Adam Kunzman, founder of Keynote Photonics. “The strengths of both organizations will accelerate our customers’ efforts to create production-class machines that will transform manufacturing worldwide in the years to come. In addition, proximity to our customers with a full complement of manufacturing, engineering, and logistics disciplines allows us to be nimble to the market’s needs”.

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