Visiqua, a performance marketing, and publishing firm focused on providing transparent, data-driven solutions for acquisition marketers, announced the launch of Clicks to Convert, a click-based media marketplace. Clicks to Convert allows advertisers to partner directly with vertically relevant websites and media outlets to better reach targeted consumers who are actively in-market. Like other media marketplaces, Clicks to Convert offers access to blue-chip sites at the click-of-a-button.

Clicks to Convert drives tangible leads with true business value by aligning with the successful and popular second-price auction model, unlike many others in the click exchange space. Unlike first-place marketplaces, advertisers only pay a penny more than the second-highest bidder for preferred brand placement. Through advanced targeting tools, advertisers can filter by geo, time-of-day, and not just site, but page-specific placements. And, ad campaigns can be run as a single unit or part of an ad group to allow for A/B testing. Then, via the best-in-industry reporting suite, brands can quickly view, manage, and optimize the ad(s) against their desired KPIs.

“As publishers ourselves, we know the pain points that exist with the current click-based marketplace,” said David Walsh, president, Visiqua. “Clicks to Convert diversifies the market by offering an additional reputable option while also making the bidding process much more cost-effective,” added Walsh.