Virtual Assistant Company VAA Philippines Specializes in Amazon FBA & Seller Central for Amazon Businesses

Virtual Assistant Company VAA Philippines Specializes in Amazon FBA _ Seller Central for Amazon Businesses-01

VAA Philippines is dedicated to the ongoing training of its virtual assistants in providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive services available for online businesses. The company’s virtual assistants are specially trained with specific skill sets, including social media, graphic design, and VAA Philippines’ highly requested Amazon FBA and Seller Central experts.

With Amazon dominating the industry as the number-one online retail marketplace, it is no wonder Amazon businesses have their work cut out for them to keep ahead of the competition on the platform. Brands just starting out as well as those that are well-established may find at various times that the help of a virtual assistant could be the key to advancing business to the next level.

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VAA Philippines understands first-hand the value of a well-trained assistant. The company’s co-founders, Gilad and Hila Freimann operate a successful private label Amazon business of their own. “As our business grew, we discovered very quickly that we needed extra help in our daily Amazon operations,” says Gilad Freimann. After a long and frustrating search to find a skilled and reliable virtual assistant, Freimann took matters into his own hands. “We specialize in locating, screening, training, and supporting high-quality Amazon virtual assistants in the Philippines and matching them with Amazon sellers all over the world,” he explains.

The company’s Amazon FBA and Seller Central specialists offer a variety of services to aid in accelerating business success, including:

  • Customer service, emails, feedback, reviews and refunds
  • Product listings and inventory management tasks
  • Product sourcing, handling of suppliers and searching for new products
  • Competitor monitoring and research
  • Management of all necessary communications with Amazon regarding open cases
  • Creating chatbots using ManyChat
  • Downloading and analyzing search-term reports
  • Creating and running new campaigns, both manual and automated
  • Bid optimization and ACoS calculations
  • Working knowledge of all existing tools in Seller Central, including exact keywords, phrase keywords, and negative keywords.

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