Vieu Unlocks Routes to Enterprise Sales As It Unveils Its Platform

Vieu Unlocks Routes to Enterprise Sales As It Unveils Its Platform

Enterprise sales are coveted deals for any business but they need complex navigation across many stakeholders and can take months if not years to close. To create strategic customer wins, beyond early unpaid pilots, B2B sales require deep understanding of the customer problems, building relationships with the buying committee, and creating strategic alignment to accelerate the deal. To help companies navigate these pursuits, Generative AI startup Vieu is today announcing a $2m funding round as it announces the global launch of its sales platform.

The funding round saw participation from over 20 marquee angel investors, founders/CEOs, and seasoned GTM executives. Vieu was founded in 2022 by serial tech entrepreneurs and former Microsoft executives, Samir Manjure and Simon Skaria with the mission to help businesses chart their path to enterprise sales success.

Samir Manjure, CEO and Founder of Vieu, commented: “When GPS got integrated into smartphones, it became possible to automatically provide turn by turn directions to get to a given destination. Today, with the ability to leverage Generative AI and the power of semantic knowledge graphs presents a watershed moment for B2B Sales. Riding on these advances, Vieu is tackling the holy grail of Enterprise Sales – an auto generated account plan and on-the-rail execution for Enterprise Sales pursuits”

The Enterprise B2B Sales industry is worth $81B today and it is projected to grow double digit CAGR through 2030. 93% of the CEOs consider Sales Transformation one of their top 5 strategic priorities, and believe AI would completely upend traditional spray and pray sales methodologies. Vieu is projected to capitalise on this disruption using AI to identify the strategic accounts with highest propensity, equip the sales team with auto-generated Account Plan, and deliver on-the-rail execution plan for each account with company-level observability.

“Enterprise sellers are drowning in data and insights from various Sales Intelligence software. Sellers do not need more data or more insights, but they need prescriptive contextual actions for a given enterprise pursuit.” says Samir Manjure. “Given a target enterprise account Vieu provides an entire AI generated execution plan for each Enterprise pursuit from prospecting to proposal to procurement.”

Lila Tretikov, ex-CEO of Wikimedia Foundation and dCTO at Microsoft said: “CRM has long failed to create a self-updating data system for actionable, real-time customer intelligence. Vieu Connections Graph uses AI to fuse internet, enterprise, and end-user data to create a data moat, making sales teams more effective with autogenerated plans and turn-by-turn assistance.”

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Multiple enterprise sales teams worldwide are already using Vieu and now the power of Vieu is available to all companies globally with this launch.

Seclore Inc has been an early adopter of Vieu. Seclore Inc. pioneered the concept of Data-Centric Security for the Enterprise and is relied on by Fortune 100 companies like Amex, Applied materials, GM, Ford etc. Vishal Gupta, Seclore’s CEO, said, “The Enterprise Sales landscape is changing rapidly. Cold outreach and traditional ABM just doesn’t work while selling to large enterprises. We need to protect our brand while reaching out to target customers, demonstrate our insights in solving their business problems, and strive to deliver value in our very first interaction. Vieu helps us make warm introductions to the target accounts and deliver strategic briefing founded in awareness of their problems and matches with our offering”

Like its technology and product, Vieu has an innovative pricing model that is focused on true business outcomes. With the global launch today, Vieu is now offering a 100% money-backed guarantee which makes the decision of onboarding them easy especially in today’s tough macro environment where cost optimization is happening everywhere. “Sales gets paid on performance, so why should sales software be any different” adds Samir Manjure.

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